Learn The Difference Between Roulette Inside & Outside Bets

Here at Slotland Casino, we want you to win as much as you possibly can with each and every game you play. That's why we feel that it's important for you to understand roulette inside and outside bets before you place your very first wager. The first thing that you'll note is that there are dozens of wagers you can place on any given spin. While you might be tempted to put that $100 chip on 36 and hope for the best, you might be surprised to learn that this isn't a very good choice if you're looking to come out ahead in the long run.

The difference between roulette inside and outside bets is that the former provides you with a very small probability of winning but superior payouts in the event that you happen to get lucky. The longest shot of all, known as the 'Straight', occurs when you put your chips on a single number but you'll only get a prize if the ball lands in that very pocket. The latter, then, is the exact opposite; the odds of winning are greatly improved, but you'll win less whenever you get lucky. The best odds lie in the even-money wagers on red or black, green or red and high or low. You'll have just about a 50/50 chance to hit it right, but you'll only receive a prize worth the exact amount you staked.

Of course, we know here at Slotland that people like to play around with their wagers and see what they can create. That's why there are other options in the roulette inside and outside bets categories, such as the ability to stake on the 'Corner' of four numbers or on a 'Street' which is an entire column on the table. Experts often place one on even money, one on something like a Street, and another on Dozens in which the numbers are divided into three groups instead of just high and low. Beginners will fare best when they choose even money wagers and use a tested betting system to help them better manage their bankrolls.

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