Advice from Slotland: Tips to Win Keno

When you choose to play keno at Slotland Casino, we want you to know that we actually want you to win! That's why we've provided all of these tips to win keno, a game that is a smash-up of traditional number-picking lotteries and bingo! It's actually quite simple to learn and even easier to participate, but before you jump in and start making your picks, you should first understand the odds and how it really works. Here at Slotland, the titles you'll find will almost always feature 80 balls, so this is where the attention will be focused.

All in all, this title involves two different choices from you. First, you'll need to decide how many numbers you want to wager on. Then, you'll need to mark those numbers on your virtual card. We will allow you to choose up to 15 different options, and the objective is simple: the computer software will randomly pull numbers from a virtual hopper, and your card will be automatically marked accordingly. The more you can match, the more you win! For instance, if you spend $1 and choose 15 numbers, it might be possible to win as much as $25,000. The odds of matching all of the numbers are quite slim; the odds of matching one or two aren't too bad considering that 20 are generally called in total. It's all up to you - the charts are right there on the screen for you to compare.

While some venues really up the house edge so that they can make money, we always provide an excellent return - even with this title! This is the most important of all of the tips to win keno: you must play it at a reputable venue that is known for treating its customers right. We strive to do just that, and we'll even welcome you with an exciting bonus offer when you sign up that is worth as much as $1000 with a qualifying deposit. We accept all of the most popular payment methods in the US and we offer around-the-clock customer service that is always standing by to assist you.

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