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If you want to play USA casino games, then there are literally dozens of different establishments out there from which you can choose. However, not all of them are everything they're cracked up to be, and some have even been blacklisted due to unfair practices. Still others are constantly changing their minds about whether or not they want to cater to this particular audience. Fortunately, there are plenty of legitimate venues out there at which American gamblers can enjoy all of their favorite titles legally and without hassle.

The first thing that many people want to know is whether or not it's actually legal to play USA casino games in these establishments. The UIGEA of 2006 did try to put a halt to the practice by making it increasingly difficult for gambling institutions and financiers to do business with one another, but there are ways around this and not one American has ever been prosecuted for enjoying real cash titles via any internet website. Of course, some of these establishments continue to drop certain IP addresses and even financial providers have refused to provide service in order to avoid the potential backlash.

Here at Slotland, we're proud to allow you to continue to play USA casino games with plenty of support. We also recognize that whether or not the UIGEA continues to have an effect on the industry is mainly up to the people. The PPA, for instance, which is also known as the Poker Player's Alliance, has a membership of more than two million and is constantly appealing to the government for more online rights. In fact, this group's claim is that it is unfair to ban real money poker while still allowing internet wagers on things like dogs, cars and horses - and even state lotteries. Individual states have a say, too. Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada have all legalized the practice in one way, shape or form, though individuals must be residents of those states and access venues that are based in those states.

Whether or not the UIGEA will be lifted remains to be seen, but you can rest assured that we here at Slotland will remain open to everyone. In fact, we've worked hard with leading financial institutions so that we can provide you with all of the banking options you've come to know and trust, so whether you want to use your credit card or a bank account, we have you covered. We also provide excellent bonus opportunities and despite our name, we have much more going for us than our extensive selection of three- and five-reel slots. You can enjoy many different types of blackjack, roulette, poker and more here, as well.

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