Slotland Casino Boasts More Than Just Online Slots

While you might think that a casino called "Slotland" would specialize only in online slots, this is actually not the case. While Slotland Casino does offer a wide range of exciting and unique slot machines, it also boasts a number of other classic table games, including blackjack, roulette, and many others. This range of Slotland games ensures that there will be something for every gambling enthusiast who visits the casino, and also allows existing players to move back and forth between different games or try something new when the mood strikes them.

Among the various Slotland games are the standard table games you might find in any web casino--or any land casino, for that matter. These include blackjack, baccarat, and poker in all of their classic versions, as well as some updated versions as well. For example, players can try out Red Dog, Sic Bo, and Match Play 21, which are newer table games that riff on the old classics while adding their own unique touch. The casino also offers both American and European roulette.

Of course, the online slots are some of the most popular gaming options at Slotland Casino. In fact, there are over 200 different slot machines available, all with different themes, images, and betting options. Players can choose the standard 3-reel slots, or they can opt for 5-reel slots in any number of different themes. Multi-line slots, which allow players to win on vertical and diagonal combinations as well as the typical horizontal combos, are also becoming increasingly popular. If you are looking for even more slot games, both for free and real money play check out, who are specialized just for that- for bringing you the best online slots.

All told, Slotland has close to 500 different gaming options to offer its customers. All of these games are commissioned from the best software designers in the industry, and they undergo a rigorous testing and review process before they end up on the site. Moreover, almost all of these games at one time or another will offer a special bonus to either new or existing players. These bonus offers often match a player's deposit, provide extra winnings in a tournaments setting, or reward high stakes players, and can greatly increase one's overall profit in the casino.

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